"Move Me" is an interactive display created in the Spring Semester 2022 of Senior Practicum at Denison University. The piece is created from 1x1 foot gatorboard tiles with pasted black & white imagery sourced from GettyImages combined with English idioms and euphemisms and displayed on 1-foot wooden shelves in a grid of 10x3.
Considering the work of Victor Burgin and his emphasis on the acute process of naming a photograph, I’ve developed an interactive display that instigates the cognitive transfer from image to word and vice versa by utilizing a specifically chosen set of English idioms and photographs taken from the mega-stock image site, GettyImages. Training my practice to operate within a formulated structure ironically allows me to yield the most creative possibilities. Exploring the human process of viewing two seemingly unrelated things and drawing connections between them has been my most recent area of study. The cliched idioms and euphemisms I’ve chosen are a continuation of an ongoing investigation exploring the peculiar, yet fantastic figurative phrases that embellish the lexicon of the English language while simultaneously creating a code only decipherable by the most advanced speakers. The imagery is carefully chosen from the archives of black and white photography from the website, GettyImages, and is intended to be as generic and interpretive as possible while still being grounded in the timeframe of 20th-century documentary photography. As a British-American company, GettyImages curates a westernized lens highlighted through my selection and used as a generic backdrop with which I can accomplish an ambiguous interpretation while rooted in my experience growing up and living in the western world.
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